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Aug 21

Shenandoah provides several places that are perfect to visit after a late-night concert or movie

Posted to 1 - Things To Do by Billy Adams


We are blessed to have several world-class music venues and great cinemas within 1-3 miles of our Shenandoah hotels, like the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, and Dosey Doe The Big Barn. You may have attended an amazing concert at one of these two great locations recently. These venues generally end their concerts around 10-10:30 PM, but sometimes you are not ready to call it a night once the concert or movie is over, and you may be in the mood to grab a bite to eat or do something with your family or friends right after the concert. Shenandoah is the perfect place to extend your evening after the concert or movie with additional food and fun. 

Here are a few of the city’s “after-concert or movie” options, and how late they stay open:

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Apr 10

Shenandoah, Texas is Very Business Travel Friendly

Posted to Business Travel by Billy Adams


If you are an organization looking for a great destination for business travel, Shenandoah, Texas is an exceptional place for your company. Texas has proven throughout the years that it is very business friendly, and Shenandoah extends that hospitality to business travelers by providing a unique destination experience like no other. 

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Jun 28

Beat The Heat with Drinks and Sweets in Shenandoah

Posted to Dining & Drinks by Billy Adams


Summer can be a fun time of the year. Outdoor activities are enjoyable and family-bonding time can find a great foothold in Shenandoah, but when the high temperatures start beating down on us and sweltering heat seems to define the outdoors, it is great to know that Shenandoah has several sweet places to visit to take a breather, cool down a bit and regroup for more outdoor fun.

Here are some of our suggestions for drinks and sweets in Shenandoah to take your mind off the summer heat. These are not all the places you can grab a cold dessert. Visit our website for a complete list of restaurants in Shenandoah -

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